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​​Colombia is the world’s fourth largest coal producer. Alabama-based mining company Drummond ships about 90,000 tons of coal from the nation’s Caribbean coast daily. The company has faced a slew of accusations of environmental recklessness since it began operating in Colombia in 1995. This report includes interviews with residents of the port city Santa Marta, about how Drummond is impacting their lives.
In Colombia, rural villagers who fled their homes during the long years of civil war can now go back. Initially displaced and forced into urban areas, these villagers had a hard time adjusting to city life. Now, though, they find that their children have adapted in ways the older generations hasn’t, and that they are returning to a home that is not quite the same as it was when they left. Reporter Jennifer Dunn meets a family of aging coffee farmers who are trying to make a new start on their land in the face of immense odds.


Playing for Your Life
Snap Judgement​​
For one young Colombian musician, keeping his kidnapping a secret was the difference between life and death.
Christian Martinez thought this music gig was like any other- until rebel guerilla forces stopped his tour bus, and led the whole band into the mountains at gunpoint.
'Seeing' Infection in Colombia 
Pulse, Deutsche Welle
Prevailing cultural attitudes, poverty and lack of education are pushing up HIV infection rates in countries like Colombia. Researchers there say a major barrier to battling the epidemic is getting people tested. Only one in three or four infected with HIV has been tested and diagnosed, and many believe they can see if someone is infected or not.


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